Reservations during Covid...we prefer that you make a reservation, as seating at this time is very limited. You are welcome to check in by phone when you arrive, or come in person and check in with the host. MASKS are required to enter the building, and at all times when not seated and dining at your table. If you prefer to dine outside, you still need to enter the building and check in with the host to be seated on the patio.

Please call us to book your reservation: 509-578-1919.

You are also welcome to contact us by email to book your reservation. Reservations made less than 48 hours in advance need to be made by phone.

Please note:

  • Reservation time needs to be made for the time that the entire party will arrive, as we do not seat reservations until the entire party is present.

  • Parties that arrive 15 minutes or more late will forfeit their reservation spot.


We do request guests check-in in person. If there is a wait, we will take your name and phone number at the door and give you an estimated wait time for the next spot for your party size. Bar seating is not currently available, and only one party at a time allowed in the waiting area. If you would prefer, please feel free to enjoy your wait elsewhere and we will reach out with a call when your table is available.