Our New Location

December 26, 2019

So many of you have followed us since we started The Glass Onion in Goldendale...thanks for staying with us on our journey, as we sold The Glass Onion in January 2017 and started our new venture with Dovetail Joint Mobile Kitchen in the Tri-Cities.  What an adventure! After a long search, we found our new home in The Uptown Plaza in Richland.  We have spent many long days working on our new location and are closing in on the finish line.  We will be opening this fall, and hope to continue our commitment to serving our community with excellent food, beverage and service and sustainable practices.  Please continue to follow us on social media, and click below to subscribe to our email newsletter for announcements and events.  Thanks for your continued support!

What's with the name?

Answers to the two questions we are most asked: "How did you get the name?" A dovetail joint is a joinery technique used in carpentry, and generally an example of fine craftsmanship.  Our hope is that we bring that same high level of execution in serving our guests...however, the name really comes from the line in the Beatles song "Glass Onion" on the White Album.  In this lyric you will find the name of our corporation, our newest venture, and our first restaurant (in that order):

"...fixing a hole in the ocean, trying to make a dovetail joint yeah, looking through a glass onion..."

"What kind of food do you serve?" We don't fit into one category like "BBQ" or "seafood."  What we do is fresh, made from scratch seasonal cooking in a variety of styles.  Most of our menu items are Mediterranean, leaning heavily on Italy, Spain, North Africa and the Middle East.  We also try our hand at some Asian, Indian and Latin offerings.